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David Allen - Active Shooter 360, LLC
Program Instructor / Technical Advisor

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David Allen - Active Shooter 360, LLC
Program Instructor / Technical Advisor

Expertise and Experience Highlights:

Work Experience:

12 years law enforcement experience, 4 years patrol, 8 years Narcotics Investigations, 11 years SWAT, Senior High Liability Instructor 4 years (Okaloosa CO. Sheriff), Instructor at my agency and NWFSC in the following fields (Firearms, Defensive Tactics, TASER, Special Tactical Problems, Active Shooter, Advanced Narcotics Investigations)


Nominated for Deputy of the Year, Investigator of the Year (Twice), Nominated for Supervisor of the Year (Twice).

David Allen also served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Florida SWAT Association (one of 3 Executive Officers) that serve the entire State of Florida. In this capacity his responsibilities included developing new training curriculum to train SWAT members and to serve as liaison for the 7 FSA Regional Representatives.

Instructing Experience:

Agency Instructor for 8 years (Firearms, Defensive Tactics, TASER, Active Shooter)

David Allen has spoken at multiple citizen seminars about Active Shooter and various topics, and has been highly involved in many table top exercises involving Active Shooter scenario's with civilian business owners. During these table top exercises he has provided guidance to civilians on how to respond to ASHE incidents.



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