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AS360 - Team

All AS360™ Team Members maintain the
following Certifications through the Emergency Management Institute of FEMA:

In addition to the above minimum standards, AS360™ Team Members each have unique backgrounds providing subject matter expertise in special fields:


Ryan Christen

AS360™ Program specialists


AS360 - Subject Matter Experts

Active Shooter 360, LLC utilizes a core team of program developers and experienced insructors. These members have direct experience with Active Shooter training, readiness, and preparedness. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in public safety emergency response, military tactical experience, and law enforcement. Our core team includes SWAT Medics, Battalion Chiefs, Air Force Pararescuemen, LEO Special Investigators, EOD Technicians, and Navy Seals. Our core team is also complimented by a specialized SME consultants utilized for special needs contracts. Without question, AS360 has the talent, experience, and diversity that your organization needs to ensure you and your staff are trained, ready, and prepared for Actove Shooter events and Workplace Violence!


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