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On-site Training

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On-site Active Shooter Training:

On-site Active Shooter Training....


On site training options:

Active Shooter 360 provides a wide spectrum of on-site training solutions to fit your budget and operational needs. In our experience we have found many organizations spend a great deal of time and resources to develop ASHE response plans, but lack the infrastructure to ensure all employees receive comprehensive training. In addition, it can become increasingly difficult to maintain annual training, or employee readiness in agencies with higher turnover.

Custom Training:
We provide custom developed solutions. AS360 can provide a fully customized on-site training program on an annual basis to keep your staff prepared. Not only will we teach your staff, but we offer solutions not found elsewhere. AS360 utilizes didactic learning, combined with practical exercises, and custom built computer simulations to ensure learning objectives are achieved through experiential learning.

Awareness and Basic Level Seminars:
While a full response plan and annual refresher training may not fit your organization we also offer awareness level and basic response level seminars. For smaller organizations this is an ideal way to ensure staff will know how to respond and react if the unthinkable occurs at your business. These seminars range in duration from a few hours to full day programs depending on your needs and staffing levels.

On-Site Exercise and Practical Training:
In addition to classroom presentations we provide full exercise development solutions. We can create an HSEEP designed on-site exercise to test, teach, and evaluate your plans and procedures. We can also provide smaller functional exercise to specific divisions and table-top training solutions.

Ultimately our staff has the experience, training, and specialty technical abilities to provide any on-site learning needs your organization needs. Protect your staff, your customers, and your infrastructure. Plan, prepare, and be ready. Active Shooter 360 can come to you and help! Contact our staff today to arrange a free consultation.

To learn more about our services and capabilities visit our AS360 Staff Page and review our team bios. We provide a dynamic group of skilled professionals that are highly capable to meet your Active Shooter Training and preparedness needs!


AS360 Mission

AS360™ - Company Objective

Active Shooter 360, LLC exists to Simplify the Planning, Preparedness and Training operations of your organization to reduce the lives lost due to Active Shooter events and Workplace Violence. Developing and testing procedures is time intensive, costly, and requires tremendous staff hours. Our mission is take the burden from your organization and simplify the process. Our team of experienced staff is here to do the hard work and provide you affordable training and readiness solutions. Simply put, we are here to help you survive and recover from the worst case scenario.

Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training
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Active Shooter 360, LLC


 active shooter 360 - facebook Active Shooter 360 - YouTube Active Shooter 360 - YouTube Active Shooter 360 - YouTube


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