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Active Shooter Assessments:

Active Shooter Assessments....


Active Shooter Hostile Event (ASHE) Assessments are a critical starting point for any organization whether you have an existing plan or need to develop one. The ASHE threat is evolving and becoming more complex every day. Ensuring you have a modern plan designed around comprehensive readiness for ASHE threats is vital.

Active Shooter 360 provides thorough assessment services. First, we can be begin by reviewing your existing plans and needs. Combined with an on-site security assessment we compare any vulnerabilities to your response model. This comprehensive analysis while stablish the framework for an improvement plan.

Additionally, provide the same quality of service to organizations looking to develop their first ASHE response plan. Beginning with an on-site assessment we review your security risks and contrast those to your internal operations and structure. From this we generate a detailed proposal to fill the gaps in your readiness.

Our staff are experienced and trained to develop response plans for virtually any organization including government agencies, schools, universities, hospitals, and private companies. We will create a response plan that fits your needs and then develop a combination of learning options to train your staff on the new procedure.

Our solutions range from on-site seminars, exercise facilitation, to annual refresher programs. We can deliver classroom presentations with expert instructors or even develop fully online hosted training management programs customized to your organization.

Regardless of your current needs a comprehensive assessment is a great starting point. Contact AS360 staff to arrange a free consultation. We are ready to help you uncover your needs, and prepare your staff for the unthinkable.

To learn more about our services and capabilities visit our AS360 Staff Page and review our team bios. We provide a dynamic group of skilled professionals that are highly capable to meet your Active Shooter Training and preparedness needs!


AS360 Mission

AS360™ - Company Objective

Active Shooter 360, LLC exists to Simplify the Planning, Preparedness and Training operations of your organization to reduce the lives lost due to Active Shooter events and Workplace Violence. Developing and testing procedures is time intensive, costly, and requires tremendous staff hours. Our mission is take the burden from your organization and simplify the process. Our team of experienced staff is here to do the hard work and provide you affordable training and readiness solutions. Simply put, we are here to help you survive and recover from the worst case scenario.

Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training
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 active shooter 360 - facebook Active Shooter 360 - YouTube Active Shooter 360 - YouTube Active Shooter 360 - YouTube


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