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TIER 2: preparedness

Tier 2 Active Shooter Training Programs:

Tier two programs provide opportunities to improve leadership and decision-making skills during crisis situations through hands-on, engaging, and interactive programs.

Active shooter training seminars and workshops available now.

AS360 training photo: Tier 2 Event
County EOC, Public Safety Command Staff Active Shooter Training - Tabletop Simulation with cusom computer simulation integration.

Tier 2 Training Program Examples:

  • ➤ Crisis Leadership Decision Making
  • ➤ Tabletop Active Shooter Simulations
  • ➤ ASHE Computer Based Simulations
  • ➤ Policy and Procedure Assessment / Development
  • ➤ Interactive Workshops and Training Events
  • ➤ Facility Assessments and HVAs
  • ➤ External Compliance Assistance

Tier Two programs are ideal introductory training programs for administrators or managers who have never faced crisis decision making or emergency environments as well as outstanding refresher training for public safety and emergency staff.

The AS360 Preparedness level trainings and workshops are anchored by class participation via functional activities instead of Power Point slides. Participants practice skills such as evacuation, cover, concealment, and engagement as a last resort. While Tier Two programs take place primarily in classroom settings, these active shooter programs are more hands-on, engaging, and interactive.

Beyond providing valuable survival skill training, Tier Two programs also include tabletop exercises where participants list and prioritize Core Capabilities and analyze Vital Signs to define Critical Factors. This activity is their first exposure to the Sense-Decide-Act model called Black Swan Leadership. In addition, we offer dynamic tabletop exercises with integrated computer simulations where participants apply crisis decision-making skills. Experiential learning is the emphasis rather than lecture, video, and slide formats.

ASHE case studies show that mid-level supervisors and employees often must take critical leadership actions because lockdown and communications disruption decimates the chain of command and the decision-making structure. AS360’s Tier Two Preparedness Level active shooter programs are developed specifically as a solution to this challenge.

Tier two programs provide opportunities for businesses and administrators to develop valuable leadership and decision-making skills in response to crisis situations, and then directly implement those skills alongside staff in a safe and realistic simulation environment.

AS360 provides comprehensive solutions to meet all of your Active Shooter Hostile Event (ASHE) training needs. Whether you need a review of your current plan, development and practical application of a new procedure, or entry level awareness training, contact AS360 today to learn how we can help you and your staff learn to survive!

Read actual AS360 client testimonials to learn about how our Active Shooter Training programs have benefited professionals from various industries.

To learn more about our services and capabilities visit our AS360 Staff Page and review our team bios. We provide a dynamic group of skilled professionals that are highly capable to meet your Active Shooter Training and preparedness needs!

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Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training
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 active shooter 360 - facebook Active Shooter 360 - YouTube Active Shooter 360 - YouTube Active Shooter 360 - YouTube


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