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Tier 3 Active Shooter Training Programs:

Evaluate performance in practical scenarios, facing realistic challenges and scenarios to test your agency’s ability to mitigate an Active Shooter incident.

Active shooter training seminars and workshops available now.
AS360 training photo: Tier 3 Event
Active Shooter functional exercise - Hospital Emergency Department.

Tier 3 Training Program Examples:

  • ➤ Functional Exercises
  • ➤Full-Scale Exercises
  • ➤ Practical and Hands-On Skills Training
  • ➤ Tactical Rescue Team (TRT) Drills
  • ➤ HSEEP Compliant Active Shooter Training / Events

Active Shooter 360 Tier Three programs take you and your staff out of the classroom and into realistic training simulations. The Tier 3 Programs are designed to replicate real-world active shooter / hostile events for the purpose of training, evaluation, and assessment as part of an ongoing improvement plan for your Hospital, Church, School, or business.

Active Shooter 360 conducts functional and full-scale exercises overarched by the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program. A functional exercise tests specific functions such as lockdown or facility evacuation. A full-scale exercise occurs in a field setting and involves multiple entities that must collaborate to address simulated problems. An example is a mass casualty exercise involving a hospital, school, or business also involving first responder agencies.

Functional exercises are two to four-hour events. Full-scale exercises are four to eight hours in duration. Functional and full-scale exercises require pre-exercise planning, logistics and role players, controllers and evaluators, and a final after-action review. The findings in the after-action review are important because they become the foundation of the sponsor’s capability improvement plan.

AS360 provides comprehensive solutions to meet all of your Active Shooter Hostile Event (ASHE) training needs. Whether you need a review of your current plan, development and practical application of a new procedure, or entry level awareness training, contact AS360 today to learn how we can help you and your staff learn to survive!

Read actual AS360 client testimonials to learn about how our Active Shooter Training programs have benefited professionals from various industries.

To learn more about our services and capabilities visit our AS360 Staff Page and review our team bios. We provide a dynamic group of skilled professionals that are highly capable to meet your Active Shooter Training and preparedness needs!

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